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We provide sound investment advice and due diligence to investors seeking to invest in Private Equity and Venture Capital funds with strong growth and value-added potential through our hands on approach philosophy.

Our focus is based on business transformation, adding value to the businesses we invest in by providing sound advice to management teams, supporting the execution of their business plans whilst simultaneously striving to optimize the highest returns to investors.

We offer sound management on high-profile investments choosing the best development partners, through a diligent overview over every project

Our guidelines


Trust – Transparency – Ethics
Innovative Products and Services
Investments Profitability

To provide Private Equity and Venture Capital investment management support to seasoned investors, maximizing opportunities for achieving superior returns on their investments across different asset classes through perfect execution and responsible investment strategies aligned with sound “ESG” policies.

To be considered a “Best in Class” employer that attracts the best talent, whilst contributing to society at large. To develop a culture of continuous improvement and effective communication.


Real Estate – Healthcare – Start Ups
Investment Funds (VCF, PE)
Asset Management

Atlantic Premium’s mission is to assist investors in identifying unique and sustainable investment opportunities that have the potential of achieving exponential value creation in both strong and weak macro-economic cycles through sound execution, minimizing exposure to external factors and the wider economy.


Integrity – Excellence – Leadership
Accountability – Continuous Improvement 

We scout the markets for the best available opportunities and present them directly to our clients in a culture of collaboration to leverage the intellectual capital of our investment team whilst, at the same time, providing clear accountability to our clients for performance of portfolios.

As a financial institution, through our unwavering commitment to teamwork, integrity, leadership, accountability and continuous improvement, we believe we can achieve excellence as a firm and sail amongst the best in class at what we do.

What distinguishes us


International Experience
Business and Financial Modeling
Best Market Opportunities

Atlantic Premium’s management team possesses a unique skill set with international management experience across multiple industries, in manufacturing, services, real-estate, Mergers and Acquisitions and finance both in SME and Fortune 500 companies alike.


Proximity – Expertise – Diverse Geographies
Network of Contacts & Relationships Technical & Financial Partners

Proximity is a key principle of Atlantic Premium.

Time, experience and diverse geographies have enabled Atlantic Premium to developed a wide network of contacts and relationships with prestigious and influential business, technical and financial advisors that consolidate and strengthen our management team.


Unique Features
Meet Client’s Goals
Positive R.O.I

Each Atlantic Premium project and investment has unique features based on excellence and sophistication that meet the premium goals of our clients and partners – private and corporate.

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