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The SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) have been the motor of the Portuguese economy and Venture Capital Fund (VCF) investing is a promising bet in this sector.

The VCF allows you, as a private or corporate investor, to invest in start-ups or in already established companies with strong growth potential and competitiveness on a global scale, and benefit from its increase in value.

The VCF management is carried out by a managing company, or by a collective investment organization, which is regulated by the principle of risk diversification and in pursuit of the exclusive interests of the investors, as is the case with Atlantic Premium Capital Partners.

Each VCF has its own management regulations, established by its management entity, with the bonding policies that guide its operations.

The VCF capital is represented in Shared Units (UP’s), which represent the share subscribed by each investor in the VCF, and are kept in custody of a banking institution (Depositary), selected by the management entity, with which a contract is retained and establishes the scope and the main duties and obligations of the Depositary.

In the last two years, Venture Capital Fund (VCF) transactions volume quadrupled compared to previous year, nonetheless it only represents 1% of total investment in Portuguese companies, making it a fertile ground to invest, where there is still plenty of opportunities to grow.




Real estate investing is Atlantic Premium’s area of excellence.

Whether in the residential, hospitality or business sectors,we always focus on a differentiating concept and specific market niches, with a detailed analysis and careful planning thus, promoting safe investment opportunities.

Atlantic Premium is a leading partner in real estate investing in Portugal, as the country experiences its golden age.

Atlantic Premium guarantees a qualitative positioning and sustainable positive returns with a diverse portfolio of assets around the world.

The special GV residence permit granted by Portugal for investment activities (ARI) is a success.

ARI is granted to all family members, and does not require physical permanence in Portugal, allowing a free travel throughout the 26 European countries in the Schengen area without long term stays during the 5 year period.

Favorable incentives programs and the positive image of Portugal promote a sound business environment that attracts investors from all continents.

to bring about a positive change

Sustainable Investment Solutions

At Atlantic Premium, we embrace sustainable investment as a catalyst for a meaningful market transformation.
By integrating ESG factors into investment decisions, we aim to identify opportunities that align with a ethical, social and environmental positive impact, while also considering long-term financial performance.

One significant subset of sustainable investment is impact investing. Unlike traditional previous approaches that focus solely on financial returns, impact investing seeks measurable positive social and environmental impact alongside financial returns.
Impact investment actively direct capital towards investment opportunities dedicated to solving pressing societal and environmental challenges, in sectors such as energy, housing, or healthcare. The goal is to generate measurable outcomes that contribute to sustainability and promote social well-being.

With the benefits of long-term financial performance, ethical alignment, and risk mitigation, sustainable investment offers an all-encompassing approach to fostering global sustainability.

Main Benefits:

  • Long-term Financial Returns
  • Ethical Alignment
  • Mitigating Environmental and Social Risks

In the pursuit for a more equitable future, sustainable investment stands as an undeniable blueprint.
By allocating resources towards integrating ESG policy into investment analysis, sustainable investment aims to bring about a positive change while generating market-rate returns.

Overcoming the intricate challenges of the modern era is essential and imperative.



The health industry has the unique characteristic of not being affected by the highs and lows of the market.

The Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry is also an added value segment, developing new products and treatments at an ever-higher pace. The increasing demand for health care, both in developed and developing countries, makes it a strategic industry and less vulnerable to market fluctuations.

Our team always target opportunities in the healthcare industry for our client investments portfolio.

The investment in health services comprises:

  • Senior residences and facitilies (hospitals, clinics, long-term and continued care units)
  • Manufacture of medical devices (equipment and hospital supplies)
  • Medical and industry support services
  • Pharmaceutical products, biotechnology (and related segments)

The Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry is also an added value segment, developing new products and treatments at an ever higher pace.

maximizing returns and delivering strong market positionings

Hospitality Investment

With a deep knowledge in this sector, we offer a wide range of investment fund packages designed to withstand the frequent flows and nuances of this sector in hospitality REITs and turnkey restructuring projects, developing business and new brand management structures.

We understand the global nature of the hospitality industry and the potential for high return investments across international markets.
With a global network, we strategically place investors’ funds to optimize returns and capitalize on opportunities worldwide. Whether it’s a luxury resort, boutique hotel, or business-oriented property, we leverage our comprehensive understanding of regional markets and trends to position our clients’ investments for long-term success.

Main benefits

  • Professional Management
  • Steady Cash Flow
  • Access to Luxurious Amenities
  • Building Brand Reputation
  • Potential for High Returns

At Atlantic Premium, we offer a complete tailored investment solutions and services in the hospitality industry sector.

As a trusted operator, we position for success in this dynamic market. From sourcing to development and efficient brand management, we are committed to maximizing returns and delivering strong market positionings.

much more than an opportunity to drive sustainable growth

Food and Agriculture Investment

By addressing food insecurity, adapting to climatic variability, and promoting economic development, we can ensure the wellness of present and future generations.

We can empower all sector players and investors to contribute to a more resilient and productive agricultural sector.

Key advantages:

Economic Development: Agriculture plays a crucial role in the economy of nations, especially in developing countries. By investing in the sector, we can stimulate economic growth both within rural communities and the broader economy.

Food Security: By investing in food and agriculture sector, we can strengthen the resilience of our food systems and ensure an abundant and diverse food supply for generations to come.

Climate Change Adaptation: The agricultural sector is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Investing in this sector allows us to develop climate-smart solutions and adapt farming practices to withstand these challenges.

In a world faced with the challenges of sustainability, investing in this sector is much more than an opportunity to drive sustainable growth.
By investing in agriculture, through technological research into innovation solutions, we can mitigate the consequences of increasing climatic variability and food insecurity, creating a more resilient and secure food systems.



The world is rapidly digitizing, and blockchain will play a critical role in this global transformation. 
Our investment approach allows investors to broadly participate in the overall trend of digitization through exposure to thematic areas of its growth in a diversified way. 
In the mid-1990s, “digital assets” originated as a term encompassing items such as audio, video, images, and documentation. 
In the decades since, technological advancements have expanded the term’s use to cover a broader range of items. One technology in particular, blockchain, has evolved the term’s use to include bitcoin and other digital assets across three main thematic categories:
Blockchain is a decentralized “ledger”, or a system for keeping record of transactions, maintained by the public without any need for a central authority to issue or validate. 
Each block, or page on the ledger, is linked to the previous one, thus making a chain of blocks and must be validated by the “public” to be added to the chain.
Once the block is validated, it becomes immutable and available to everyone in the network. 
This decentralized blockchain requires:
  • Peer to peer network, such as internet
  • Cryptography, to guarantee a secure communication in a hostile environment
  • Consensus algorithm, or a set of rules
  • Reward and punishment for the work accomplished every time a new block has been added
  • Market adoption when critical mass achieved and the public open decentralized blockchain becomes immutable

Blockchain and Digital Assets

The world is rapidly digitizing, and blockchain will play a critical role in this global transformation...

Food and Agriculture Investment

In a world faced with the challenges of sustainability, investing in this sector is much more than an opportunity to...

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